This blog is a place for me to share my running journey with anyone out there who’s interested in following it. I’m a 31 year old, UK based, middle distance track runner. During winter training I will race any distance – currently – up to half-marathon.

Between the ages of 10-16 (1996-2003) I was a keen runner and represented my local club Coventry Godiva Harriers. I was a slow starter but once I hit 16 I showed some potential of the athlete I might be able to become as demonstrated through a V02 max test undertaken at Coventry University.

Only a couple of months later I was to have the severe misfortune of contracting a serious knee injury which took me away from the sport for a long time and which painfully forced me to put to bed all my childhood dreams of becoming a really good athlete. I went through a painful adjustment as I had to adapt my life and fill the void which running left. Giving up on my hopes and ambitions in this regard was really difficult at the time as described in a diary I kept which I recently came across.

It was after 8 years in 2011 – without realising it at the time – I had my chance to have a go again at seeing how quick I could really be as a runner. Its taken another 6 years since then – now aged 31 – to finally feel I’ve started to show some of the potential first demonstrated back in 2002. I hope you find the content interesting and inspiring for all your own life goals whether that’s in running or any other aspirations and dreams you had in areas of your life when you were younger and as you grew older (and perhaps more cynical or less optimistic) felt had become unobtainable.

The blog will become a place to share my current thoughts and experiences but – in setting up the site – also acts as a bit of a biography going from the earlier years documenting my development as an athlete. It also shares some of the many obstacles and setbacks along the way which make up the whole story.

I hope to provide content to motivate and also share something positive which you could take away for your own training. Above all – beyond just a running audience – I hope to show that dreams are important and should always be retained as there is a pure simple joy in working to try and fulfil them however daft they may seem.

Thankful to be given a second chance. This is where I share my story.

Alex Hobley

Herne Hill Harrier