Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

After not being picked to make the year 6 football team in my final year of primary school – 1996 – I made an attempt to make the cross country team and failed at the first attempt. What happened next was learning a great life lesson which has helped me in many aspects of life ever since. By training regularly over a period of time I began to see the rewards of my hard work and saw improvement in my running ability. My progression as a runner started off steady and then increased through to 2003 before a severe knee injury curtailed any hopes of further development.

Dreams crushed and no way of channelling my motivation after much discomfort I reluctantly put to bed my athletics dreams and tried to fill the void with other things.

It was to be 8 years later after no running when some friends persuaded me to sign up for a Half Marathon taking place in the Spring of 2011 that a journey began for the second time. Only this time my body hasn’t packed in and is letting me revisit my dreams, ambitions and hopes all over again. Its those dreams and aims which I had to bury deep and painfully give up on – after the injury of 2003 – which I’m now fortunate to pursue again.

Welcome to the blog. My most recent blog posts/articles are at the top of the ‘blog articles’ page. If you wish to follow the biographical account of my journey from beginning to now you should scroll to the bottom of the main ‘blog articles’ page and work your way through the posts upwards.

Whilst the blog is set up more like a biography this is to set the context of the evolving story. I plan for upcoming posts to become more blog-like sharing all my thoughts, experiences and ideas.

Thanks for reading.


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