In 2014 I took part in a variety of different events. I was still very much a half-hearted club runner. I took part in only a couple of competitions and very occasionally turned up to training sessions on a Tuesday night. I was probably running around 2-3 times a week.

I competed in the Southern Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill with very short spikes on Parliament Hill in London and found myself wading and sliding through thick mud as a result finishing in the 500s not feeling best pleased.

My 10k time remained around 39 minutes this year and my 5km time was lowered slightly to 17:55. I ran the Reading Half Marathon in 1 hour 24 minutes. Over the summer I ran one track race – a 3,000m in 10:23. At the end of the summer I took part in the Warsaw Marathon to rewrite the demons of 2011. I got round in 3 hours 26 minutes.

Training for the marathon involved most weeks going to Richmond Park where I would invariably run 2 laps (approx. 14 miles) or even 3  laps (approx. 21 miles) of the park at a slow pace to build up endurance.

I returned again for the Warsaw 10km Club Challenge and came 2nd in 37:45. A triumph also took place at the London Duathlon (10km run, 20km bike, 5km run) as I won my age group. My dabble in duathlon was inspired by an old school and running friend Andrew Green. Andrew had competed for the Great Britain age-group team for duathlon at the European Championships and hearing about the event it sounded like a lot of fun so I was keen to have a go at duathlon to see if I stood a chance of also qualifying to take part in a future competition one day.

After the marathon I did very little running but did take part in the South of Thames 5 mile cross country championships at Wimbledon Common in November.


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