2012 was the year my competitive running mojo was to return but – as it turned out –   abandon me again before the end of the year.

By the spring of 2012 my leg was better and I could run again. I rejoined Warsaw International Triathlon Club (WITC) and began training a few times a week. I opened my season in May with a 5km at Bieg Konstitucji in around 19:35.

Over the summer I brought my 10km time from 39 minutes down to 36:41. I also completed my first ever triathlons one was the Susz Sprint distance and Olympic distance in Rawa Mazowiecka. Both were a lot of fun albeit very humbling as I struggled considerably in the swimming section and wasn’t much better on the bike. I even did my first track race in 10 years and ran 10:16 for 3,000m at the Warsaw Track Cup.

By the autumn I returned back to the UK to live and started going back down to my very old stomping ground of Coventry Godiva Harriers.

I was keen to jump straight back into the group which some of my old comrades from 10 years ago were training with. However a coach suggested I joined a group not as quick as that one which naturally annoyed me but which I complied with. For a good few weeks I began training and could feel some slow improvements.

From a personal point of view however I was struggling in other areas of my life. I became unemployed for quite a period of time and this affected my self esteem. I became more of a recluse and withdrawn. This meant turning out at the local athletics club became a challenge and infact I even lost the motivation to run completely. It wouldn’t be until nearly May of 2013 that I would run again.

In referring to 2012 a special mention must go to Warsaw International Triathlon Club and its founder Ken Globerman. I’m sure that if I hadn’t cross paths with these people I may never have got back into running and believing I could be good at it again. To Ken I am very thankful.


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